Mastering Darija: The Power of Repetition in Audio and Writing

Learning Darija with an audio component can be a very effective way to improve your listening and speaking skills. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of’s audio resources:

Listen actively: When listening to audio resources, try to actively engage with the content. Pay attention to the words and phrases being used, and try to pick up on any new vocabulary or grammar structures.

Repeat after the speaker: Repeating after the speaker is a great way to improve your pronunciation and intonation. Try to imitate the speaker as closely as possible, and pay attention to any areas where you need improvement.

Take notes: As you listen to the audio resources, take notes on any new vocabulary or grammar structures that you learn. This will help you to review the material later and solidify your understanding.

Use the audio resources in combination with other resources: The audio resources on are most effective when used in combination with other resources such as vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, and interactive exercises.

Have fun: Learning a new language can be challenging, but it should also be fun. offers a variety of audio resources that are designed to make learning Darija fun and engaging, so enjoy the process.

Screen shot for the new feature (Darija Auto-Teacher)

If you don't know what is Auto-Teacher


It is an advanced feature with prebuilt lessons to help you learn Darija. It includes lessons, reviews, and practices. All the lessons have audio. The lessons will ask you to repeat what is taught so you can learn faster. It starts by teaching general information.

Each lesson has common words, sentences and reviews. And a deep understanding of Darija.

If you want learn personal pronouns etc… Please check lesson 4.

Yes, every lesson has audio. 

Yes, it does

The practices are separated from lessons.


Click on the menu on the auto-teacher. You will need a paid silver membership to access the auto -teacher.

The lessons are for beginners and advanced students.

We repeat the audio for you so you will have a better understanding of how it sounds.


We are learning how to say ” Salam ” so when you want greet to someone in Morocco, you will say it just one time.

If you don’t see (M)(F) that’s mean it apply to everyone. 

Lesson 1 and 4 are essential for beginners. 

If you are advanced you can go to any lesson.